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Posted: Friday, February 04, 2000

Our legal system is in shambles. Rights for victims don't exist. I feel terrible sorrow that Mr. Carlson cannot be placed on probation so he too can go about living his life. Where, if ever, will this end?

I'd suggest that we be given a choice whether we'd like a lump sum or an annual payment of the permanent fund. That question could be asked on the next application. Please let us have that option.

Where was the Bush much-repeated phrase of ``honor and dignity'' when one of the Bush boys walked off and left the taxpayers stuck for millions of dollars for one of his defunct savings and loans.

A pat on the back for Alaska Airlines, which has handled the Flight 261 tragedy with great sensitivity and caring.

Concerning the gentleman who wants horse riding tours on Montana Creek Trail, the question is, is he going to carry a superduper pooper scooper to clean up behind his horses? If he isn't, I don't think he should be able to do it.

The horse-trail tourist attraction at Montana Creek is a bad idea. We have way too many things like this in Juneau.

I think the horse trail rides are a good idea. We need more things like that in Juneau.

In response to the comments about Friday's accident by Fred Meyer and how that justifies a second crossing to Douglas, that's absurd. People should just drive and obey the rules and we wouldn't have accidents like that. No bridge.

Dear DOT: Thank you very much for all the work you have done over the winter. It's been a fantastic job. I'm not one to complain, but is there anything you can do when you throw down sand on the road beyond Auke Bay regarding the amount or size of that sand or cinder? It's cost me two windshields in the past 18 months. I can't control the speed of the other driver and it doesn't matter how slow I go, but it does matter what size the rock is. Thanks for doing what you can do.

It's not so simple when you're driving to and from the valley. The left-hand lane is for turning left as well. I refuse to break the speed limit just to get into the left-hand lane just because people are doing 60. I'm not going to be speeding in the left-hand lane.

It's obvious with all the avalanches, the Seward Highway should be demolished and replaced with fast ferries.

The columnist Ellen Goodman would be outraged if one panda was killed for convenience reasons. Why can't she find compassion for the over 4,000 pre-born babies who are killed each day for convenience reasons?

My daughter graduates from the high school this year and has not heard one thing from the college in our hometown. but every week we get mail from a college in Hawaii wanting her to come. The college in Juneau should do more to get our graduates.

If you really want to get the message out to helicopter tours, exercise your freedom of Speech. put a message on your roof in nice, tall letters. Express yourself.

Carlos Boozer is a very good friend of mine. I absolutely love reading about his success and miss him a lot. But I agree with the other caller who said there are a lot of other talented people I'd like to read about.

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