Don't use Moser Bay land for clear cut


Posted: Sunday, February 04, 2001

I recently have been made aware that the University of Alaska has selected land in the Moser Bay area near Ketchikan. I understand this selection is tentative and I hope that Gov. Knowles will give it careful consideration.

I am strongly opposed to the university being granted ownership of any land in this area. I feel that if the university is granted title to this land it may, sooner or later, have some or all of this area logged. When I think of the University of Alaska and logging, Slide Ridge north of Ketchikan comes to mind. The Slide Ridge clear cut site is a perfect example of what the university is capable of doing when it wants to generate revenue from land that possesses valuable timber.

I have a particular interest in protecting Moser Bay from possible logging threats. My family and I live in this pristine, natural setting that is one of the last bays or inlets on Revillagigedo Island near Ketchikan that has not been affected by clear cut logging.

My wife and I have attended one branch or another of the Alaska University system. We realize the importance of our state's secondary education system and may even encourage our own children to attend the University of Alaska some day. However, it would be very unfortunate to see our surrounding forests destroyed to help support the university system.

Alaska, as we know, is the largest state and has many areas containing valuable natural resources. I hope Gov. Knowles will encourage the university to select land in areas where their development or destruction will have the least impact on local residents.

Mark Hillberry

Moser Bay

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