A reluctant car owner


Posted: Sunday, February 04, 2001

Due to the fact that too many cars are crowding the point where Douglas Bridge, Egan Drive and 10th Street meet, the Department of Transportation (DOT) engineers were continually late for work and decided to do something about it. Perhaps they just had to, out of habit, design a new intersection to make the cars flow through there faster. On Jan. 24, DOT presented a few ideas for that dot on the map. Solving the problems at that small dot will only move the problems to other places on the road system.

No matter which intersection or intersections are changed or added, no matter how great the engineers, no matter how fancy-dancy the intersections around Juneau become, there is one rule of thumb: Bigger roads aren't less crowded, they just have more cars, in other words, "If we build it, they'll come."

The cost for the engineers' "preferred" alternative of $8.5 million would be a nice bank account for public transit. After all, Capital Transit has just purchased four state-of-the-art new buses for just under $1 million.

A.J. Crondahl

(a reluctant car owner)


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