Subjected to vulgarity

Posted: Monday, February 04, 2002

Could anyone blaspheme our national anthem any worse than Mariah Carey did at the Super Bowl? Ours is an anthem to be sung in stentorian tones to stir our spirits, not to leave us feeling that we have been subjected to vulgarity.

Furthermore, it is an anthem of the people, not a vehicle for public exposure of a pop singer's style. When I attended football games in my youth, the band played the anthem for all the fans to sing. We are deprived of that privilege now, so much so that few people seem to know the anthem's words these days.

Alas, since 11 September, "God Bless America," by the singing of which Kate Smith inspired our country during a minatory time for Europe, has been dragged through the same sewer. "America the Beautiful" is another victim of sleazy, breathy, orgasmic interpretation - the antithesis of music.

Just as some farmers are paid not to plant, perhaps certain performers should be paid not to sing. Enough is enough! Let's show the same respect for our patriotic songs as we do for our flag!

John B. d'Armand, D.M.A. (Doctor of Musical Arts)

Auke Bay

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