Douglas wolves

Posted: Monday, February 04, 2002

No one should have the right to exterminate an indigenous species that is of a small population trying to gain a foothold in a new area. I am speaking of the seven-member wolf pack that was trapped and killed on Douglas Island. Hunting and trapping are legal, however, game management protocols should be in place to keep such hunting practices from happening. These wolves had a right to migrate to Douglas Island and give it a go to survive and raise their young. I don't believe that a hunter should have the right to keep this natural process of migration from happening.

I believe that the Department of Fish and Game and other such entities should manage game to prevent such atrocities. Animals were not put on this earth for the sole purpose of hunting and trapping opportunities. They as well as ourselves have their right to migrate and find better environments in which to survive and raise their young. Until protocols are developed and enforced to stop such slaughter, Douglas Island may become as sterile as so many areas in the lower 48 which have no wolves.

Jenny Pursell


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