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Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 04, 2005

I am currently attending graduate school in New Hampshire. I have been keeping up with current events in Juneau through the Empire's Web site. Yesterday, I was distressed after reading the article "House OKs ANWR resolution." It seems the House has taken the first step towards opening ANWR to drilling, and though I hope that such a resolution will go no further, there is the very real possibility that it will.

I understand that our nation needs to decrease its dependency on foreign oil; in fact, I support this effort. In addition, I understand the state's and the federal government's need to address homeland security. Like many other Americans, I have family and friends that serve in the military, and I am concerned about our soldiers' safety.

However, homeland security, to me, denotes a high degree of stability and sustainability. Where is the stability in a few years of oil supply? Where is the sustainability in relying on fossil fuels and nonrenewable resources? Where is the stability in destroying a significant piece of the Gwich'in culture? Where is the sustainability of giving up an intact, untouched ecosystem? These are the questions we should be asking ourselves. We need to realize that a quick fix is not a lasting solution. In advocating for protecting ANWR from drilling operations, I believe that I am asking our nation, my fellow citizens and my government, to take more permanent steps towards our goals.

Amy Sumner


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