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Posted: Friday, February 04, 2005

... for a great symphony

Oh Wow! Just about the time you begin to figure that the world is going to hell in a hand basket, along comes the Juneau Symphony with an outstanding concert Sunday afternoon. The young Juneau pianist, Abraham Levy, performed a Grieg piano concerto beautifully and with great spirit. I swear the audience swooned.

I cannot imagine what prompted the weighty choice of Mahler's First Symphony as the major work of the day. However, being a fan of Mahler, I had to go hear it. And what a splendid rendition it was. Thank you, Juneau Symphony, for all your hard work. You brought us a fine musical offering. Dare we hope for No. 2?

Deanna Mac Phail


... for art that matters

The gifted and talented after school art program of Juneau School District, and the students of Harborview Elementary, would like to thank the fine folks at Perseverance Glass and Art Matters for your recent donation. We used the beautifully beveled mirrors you so kindly prepared for us as inking plates so that we might have the smoothest surfaces to brayer out our medium. We will soon be using these marvelous mirrors for self-portraits. Thank you so much for all you do for our community.

Heather K. Ridgway

and young artists of Juneau

... to Seanna O'Sullivan

A special thank you from the parents of the Young Parents Center, Catholic Community Service, Healthy Families Juneau and Healthy Change Program to Seanna O'Sullivan, photographer, for her generous contribution to the successful completion of our calendar program.

Seanna, thanks for a wonderful and magnificent job.

Bridget Easaw,


Young Parents Center

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