Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, February 04, 2007

• House Bill 34: Allows direct shipping from winery to consumer, passed out of Labor & Commerce to Finance.

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• House Bill 76: Creation of Civil Legal Services Fund, passed out of Judiciary to Finance.

• Senate Bill 46: Coastal Management Program deadline, passed Senate 17-0.

• House Bill 37: Establishes Susan Butcher Day, passed House 37-0, sent to Senate.

• House Bill 69: Notify crime victims before executive clemency, passed House 30-0.

• Senate Bill 55: Notify crime victims before executive clemency, passed out of State Affairs to Judiciary.

• Senate Bill 70: Sets legislative branch per diem.

• Senate Bill 71: Public access to fishing streams.

• Senate Bill 72: Establishes community revenue sharing.

• Senate Bill 73: Increases state support for medical training.

• House Bill 89: Changes Petroleum Profits Tax rules.

• House Bill 91: Expands requirements for reporting of crimes.

• House Bill 93: Bars domestic violence suspects from returning to victim's residence.

• House Bill 108: Extends the termination date for the Board of Maritime Pilots.

• House Bill 115: Appropriates money to repay budget reserve fund.

• House Bill 117: Requires 30-day notice for some special sessions of Legislature.

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