Outsiders: Melissa Fritch

Posted: Sunday, February 04, 2007

Melissa Fritsch

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Age: 37.

Occupation: "Stay-at-home mom."

Favorite outdoor activities: Hiking, cross-country skiing

Favorite spot: I like Mount Roberts. It gives you a great view of downtown, and the hikes up there are real short so my kids (two daughters) can do the whole hike, and they think that that's a lot of fun. They can go for the whole trail. It's not something where we go for part of the trail and then have to come back. They can hike two or three miles, but they can't do a really long hike. Mount Roberts is a fun family kind of place. You can just go and do the short trails and get a great view.

Close call: Not on a trail, but we had a bear in our front yard. The sow and her two cubs were looking for food. We were in our car, ready to pull out of the driveway, and there was this bear. We also had a bear on our back deck climbing over our fence. Those were our two bear experiences, but they've both been inside looking out, in the car or at our dining room table, looking out watching the bear.

Favorite season: My favorite season is the winter. I love the snow, whenever you get to see the beauty in all the trees just covered with snow. We have a great back yard, so we just take the kids out and play in the snow. you don't really need to go that far here to enjoy the winter. Other places I've lived you had to drive or fly to get to the mountains to go skiing. Here it's just all around you.

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