Southeast acoustic musicians headline Saturday concert

Lineup includes Pat Henry, Stewart Ely, Glenn Hoskinson, Tony Tengs and more

Posted: Thursday, February 04, 2010

French-Canadian tunes, topical blues, finger-picking guitar and intriguing songs highlight the next Gold Street Music concert.

The lineup includes Pat Henry, Stewart Ely, Glenn Hoskinson, Tony Tengs, Lis and Leif Saya and Greg McLaughlin.

The acoustic concert starts at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6, at Resurrection Lutheran Church, 740 W. 10th Street downtown. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Concertina player McLaughlin, fiddler Lis Saya and guitarist Leif Saya are probably best known for playing traditional music from the British Isles. But the concert will showcase their growing interest in French-Canadian tunes.

"I've been taking trips back to Quebec to listen and scout out new musicians for several years," McLaughlin said. "I realized there's a whole wealth of music that comes out of Celtic roots with ties to the mainland, to France."

He calls it "upbeat, happy music."

"It's a little less ornamented than the Irish or Scottish music we play. In terms of technique, it's a little easier to play," McLaughlin said. "But it's got a strong rhythmic pulse to it, with some extra beats thrown in, so it's hard to pick up at first. Once you started playing you never forget it."

Blues artist Pat Henry is known for his lyrical sense of humor. He's planning several original songs for the concert, including political material.

One is a composition about the Alaska-Juneau Gold Mine.

"It's a Juneau historical song, certified by my geologist son so it's geologically correct," he said, laughing.

Henry also plans at least one piece by guitarist John Renbourn.

"I think it's great music and he's got some very poetic material that speaks to me and hopefully it'll speak to other people too," he said.

Other performers on the show are Pelican guitarist and singer Stewart Ely, vocalist Glenn Hoskinson, and songwriter Tony Tengs.

Gold Street Music is a local non-profit group that hosts regular, coffee-house-style folk music events.

For more information, contact Terry or Frederick Hoskinson at 523-6999.

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