Compeau, SFW ensure the thrill of killing shall never perish

Posted: Thursday, February 04, 2010

Judging from Craig Compeau's letter on Jan. 27, we no longer need our Department of Fish and Game. While they are doing such time-wasting things as field surveys, population counts, predator-prey interaction studies, he has already figured out not only that there are more moose in 16b, but it's a result of a concerted effort at slaughtering black bears in the area.

The responsibility for what Compeau has decided is a worthwhile wholesale war on wildlife lies with a group to which he belongs, the SFW (Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife or, possibly, Shoot Fast, Willy). Included in its leadership are Ralph Seekins and Scott Ogan, both of whom never met a wolf they didn't want to shoot. These noble practitioners of unrestrained killing expressed their respect for wildlife and their ethics in hunting by setting baited snares which would hold fast any bear reaching in for the bait.

But the stalwarts didn't just shoot the bears. If it was a sow caught helpless in the trap, they shot it where it stood trying to escape. And if there were cubs with the sow, they didn't hesitate to shoot them either.

In the finest tradition of their brand of sportsmen, Compeau's fellow SFW'ers killed what bears they could, where they could, and as many as they could. As for any grizzlies caught in these traps, well, they could hardly just walk up and set them free, now, could they?

And Compeau is proud of them. Proud enough that even while with one hand he writes letters praising the bloodletting, with the other he is only too happy to sell them the snowmachines, ATVs, riverboats and other mechanized toys these sturdy woodsmen need to accomplish such miracles of wildlife management.

Most people would have the decency to realize when they have committed the indecent. But not Compeau. He and his SFW members here in Alaska have made great strides in ensuring that the sheer thrill of killing shall never perish. And that if they describe their efforts with care, couched in the most pious of terms, they can always portray what they have done as a good and noble thing.

Art Greenwalt


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