On-the-job training benefits job seekers and employers

Posted: Friday, February 04, 2011

On-the-job training gives workers an opportunity to learn and prove they can do a job and provides partial wage reimbursement for employers, according to the state’s labor commissioner.

“On-the-job training provides Alaska employers with a home-grown workforce,” Labor Commissioner Click Bishop said. “Everyone benefits because employers get custom-trained workers and job seekers get jobs in which they can excel because of the training.”

Under the program, an employer works with the Alaska Job Center Network to create a customized “hands-on training that results in full-time, unsubsidized employment. The employer pays the trainee’s wages and is reimbursed a significant percentage by the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development, which runs Alaska’s job centers. Job center specialists help employers through the process, so they don’t get bogged down with time-consuming paperwork,” the department said in a press release.

“The partial reimbursement of wages is a great motivator for an employer to adopt OJT,” Employment Security Analyst Sandra Burgess said. “But there are other, equally compelling reasons — for example, OJT is a critical investment as employers can train workers to meet their specific, unique business needs. OJT hires tend to be loyal to their employers, resulting in lower employee turnover rates.”

The release states that job center specialists also work with job seekers to develop individualized training plans designed for a job that meets a career choice. Ideally the program turns the trainee into a full-time, permanent employee with the employer that provided the training.

Using Career Ready 101, a nationally recognized assessment tool, an employment specialist can gauge a job seeker’s work skills. Using this assessment, a job center specialist, job seeker and employer work together to create an individualized OJT plan that closes the gap between job requirements and the job seeker’s current work skills, the department stated.

OJT programs are available to public- and private-sector employers. For more information go to Jobs.Alaska.Gov/offices or call 877-724-2539.

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