Create a smoking shelter

Posted: Tuesday, February 05, 2002

What's up with this new smoking ordinance? Has who ever come up with this new law forgotten about a well-known phrase "we the people?" As far as I can see, the phrase should be "we the non-smokers." And the one thing we will fight for is freedom. Now, I personally have a conscience when it comes to respecting someone that does not smoke. But, I think this is way out of control!

My rights as a human being are slowly being taken away. Now I don't mind not smoking in a restaurant, but to tell me that I have to go to an unsheltered area to have my smoke. Or to tell people who have gone into the emergency room because they're in pain that they will refuse pain medicine if you decide to go out and have a cigarette.

We are being punished for a habit that has been instilled in us through generations of advertising and sales of this product. It is a fact that cigarettes are more addictive than heroin. So for you that made this ridiculous law, you should not be so harsh on those with a so-called problem. Don't punish those who have an addiction to this product. Most of us think about other people on a regular basis. So keep it out of the restaurant, I don't care. But don't punish us and send us out into the elements to have our smokes. Create a shelter. Do something positive for we the people. And the right of a patient to have pain medicine when the patient is in pain, regardless if this person has gone out to relieve stress because in their minds the habit relieves us of some of the stress. It is our right to be treated with as much respect by a non-smoker, as well as a smoker being respectful of the non-smoker. Next thing you know, some one will tell you that you're not allowed to walk down the street without a license.

Martha Turner


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