2003 Cabin Fever Doubles Tennis Tournament

Posted: Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Results from the 2003 Cabin Fever Doubles Tennis Tournament held Jan. 24-26 at the Valley location of JRC/The Alaska Club.

Women's doubles - 1. Amra Remsberg and Pam Couzin; 2. Mona Yarnall and Bonnie Robinson.

Men's open doubles - 1. Lew Brooks and Denny Salveson; 2. Terry Ward and Greg Dostal; Consolation: Alex Andrews and Andy Pekovich.

Men's A/B doubles - 1. Art High and Jim Barron; 2. Randy Rice and Drew Grant.

Mixed A/B doubles - 1. Dale Schmitz and Jennifer Schmitz; 2. Sue Kraft and Dick Stokes; Consolation: Sybil Davis, Art High and Steve Hamilton (pairings not available).

Mixed open doubles - 1. Denny Salveson and Bev Smith; 2. April Smith and Garry Remsberg; Consolation: Lew Brooks and Terri Rasmussen.

Junior singles - 1. Ben Robinson and Devon Kibby (winner not available); Consolation: Spencer Miller.

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