The art of spin

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Posted: Thursday, February 05, 2004

I read with some amusement the election statistics spin contest that Randy Ruedrich and Ray Metcalfe had going earlier this week in various papers. It's hard to beat Ruedrich in the art of spin. What I'm learning about Randy and his party is it's not so much what they say, it's what they don't say.

Actually, I'm a registrar and I noticed right away a glaring omission. I'm not positive about Alaska's population at this minute, but I believe it's around 650,000 people, give or take. Of those 468,029 are registered voters. The Republican party has 118,928 members, or about 25 percent of registered voters and about 18% of the total population. So one could say the Republican party is a minority in charge of the majority. That would be great for a fascist regime; they never liked large masses of people anyway. For Alaska, however, this is not good.

Now for Randy's omissions. He didn't tell you that by far the largest group of voters in Alaska is undeclared at 172,543. If you add 67,833 non-partisans nearly half the voters in Alaska are undeclared or non-partisan. Hopefully this November we have a real turnout of voters and finally our representatives will represent the people of Alaska and not just the 25 percent of voters that claim to be Republicans.

Myrl Thompson


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