What grounds for discrimination?

Posted: Sunday, February 05, 2006

As I read the article that made the front page last Friday ("Amendment would kill gay benefits"), I found myself wondering just how our governor, and other elected officials, can stay popular while openly trying to abolish human rights? Maybe they will not stay popular, and maybe, if we find ourselves voting to abolish the court decision to give equal benefits to all couples, we will vote to uphold the October court decision that mandates equal benefits. But, since the October decision, Frank Murkowski has, with little criticism, been very public that he does not think same-sex partners deserve state benefits just as married, differing sex partners.

Is it possible that the majority of Alaskans agree? In my inability to grasp the notion that there is some good reason that same-sex couples do not deserve the same rights as other couples, I challenge someone to give me a good answer, and one you feel does not violate the constitutional equal protection law. And, if no one else has an answer for me, then please, let's assure that this proposed amendment to the constitution does not go any further.

Elizabeth Johnston


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