Win the fair game
In any job search, the personal touch still counts. While many job seekers these days start their search online, many opportunities can still be found at a traditional career fair, which often feature hundreds of employers eager to land top candidates.

Art attack
Resume expert Sarah Richardson notices a disturbing trend in resumes lately: images.

Walk it off
Looking for a way to burn some calories and ease a little stress? Fitness consultant Todd Whitemore suggests a lunchtime walk.

Stopping corruption: A text-book strategy
Here are thoughts about the Legislature's ethics bill deliberations.

Pass the minimum wage increase
I am asking our members of Congress to raise the minimum wage by $2.10 an hour with no strings attached and no more business tax breaks.

New KTOO format
So I have been listening to the new format on the three FM stations operated by KTOO and all I can say is, "Wow!" Talk about a major upgrade in quality and programming.

Sealaska newbies
The notion that those born after 1971 of Indian parentage are any less Native because of not being included in Sealaska Corp. is a strike against one's self confidence.

Thank you, Molly Ivins
On July 24, 2003, Molly Ivins wrote an article titled "North to Alaska," and I've been carrying it in my backpack ever since.

Please read between the lines next time
I read Samantha Love and Bill Steen's Jan. 18 letter to the editor. Am I the only person that saw Josh Carter's Jan. 16 letter as satire? For the youthful, Ms. Love, that means "sarcastic," not true, etc. (Junior high school English taught that). His letter agreed with everything the two writers state, just in another way. I love satire, but then I have a sense of humor. Maybe Ms. Love and Mr. Steen need to re-address their lack of insight and return to junior high school for a couple of weeks.

Heart disease: A threat women can fight
Feb. 2 was Go Red for Women Day which is a campaign by the American Heart Association to raise women's awareness of heart disease.

You proved your own point wrong
John Adams and Benjamin Franklin would roll over in their graves if they heard Alfredo Velazquez' comments in his Feb. 2 letter, "Nation was founded by Christians."

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events. To be included, notices should be dropped off at 3100 Channel Drive.

For new assistant police chief, on-the-job training never stops
Page Decker was an officer-in-training in Michigan in 1968 when he had his real introduction to law enforcement.

Fire and Rescue at Sea
When a blaze broke out on a boat at Harris Harbor on Friday, the Juneau firefighters knew what to do.

Raised on Rock
It's late afternoon at Juneau-Douglas High School. In front of Richard Moore's class, a student dressed in black finishes playing part of a heavy metal song on an electric guitar.

Around Town
Around Town is a listing of local nonprofit events.

Photo: Jump-starting the arts
Taylor Beardslee, 8, paints on one of three large mural projects Saturday during the Community Arts Celebration at Dzantik'i Heeni Middle School.

Police & Fire
Reports from Juneau police, fire officials and state troopers:

Legislative roundup

Man guilty of sexual abuse sentenced to 25 years
A Juneau man found guilty of molesting a 9-year-old girl was sentenced Friday to 25 years in prison.

Agreement could send more fresh fish to Asia
A nonprofit group in Anchorage and the owners of a Chinese free-trade zone have signed an agreement that may broaden market opportunities for Alaska seafood.

Kip Dali
Former Juneau resident Kip Reginald Dali, 52, died Jan. 31, 2007, due to heart failure.

Jada Sievenpiper-Booth
Jada Faith BrendaLynn Sievenpiper-Booth died Jan. 15, 2007, at Providence Hospital in Anchorage. She was 15 days old.

Outside commentary: How to really help low-wage workers
If the House and Senate are able to agree on a minimum-wage hike and the president signs the bill, some may say we will have done enough to help low-income workers.

Outside editorial: Guerrilla marketing at its worst
Duuude! How's this for a really cool concept? Let's promote our TV-show client by putting up dozens of blinking electric thingies in cities all over the country! Doesn't that rock?

Toe Toon

Empire editorial: Tough work begins for new governor
For Gov. Sarah Palin, the tough part is just beginning.

Outside editorial: That didn't take long
The following editorial first appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer: Sen. Joseph Biden Jr., D-Del., while very knowledgeable on foreign policy, has a lot to learn about diplomacy.

Outside commentary: Bush jumps the shark
President Bush's decision to send additional troops to Iraq has puzzled many pundits. Is the president stubborn, isolated, out of touch with reality? While all three might be true, there is another explanation.

Alaska editorial: Despite its popularity, longevity bonus should not be reinstated
It would be a serious blunder to breathe life into the longevity bonus program that was killed in 2003 as the state faced a rising tide of red ink.

Panned out
t's deceptively simple. Just scoop up a panful of gravel, and slosh it around in the water. The more you slosh, the better, as the heaviest material in the pan - gold, if you're lucky - will settle to the bottom.

Outsiders: Melissa Fritch
Outsiders is a weekly profile the Outdoors section.

A how-to guide on gold panning
Skilled gold panners used 14-inch metal pans, but recreational panners often use 10-inch plastic pans with ridges to help separate material.

Out & About
Out & About is a listing of recreational activities. To have your group included, notices should be dropped off at 3100 Channel Drive.

Beaver engineering makes a difference
Some organisms physically modify the landscape they occupy; they are often called "ecosystem engineers."

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

Bears 'hot' in Fairbanks

JDHS splits season finale
The Crimson Bears capped off the 2006-2007 season with a 7-5 win in front a big, rowdy home crowd of over 300 screaming fans.

Sports in Juneau
Sports in Juneau is a service provided by the Juneau Empire to provide information on upcoming sports and outdoors events in Juneau.

JDHS girls upset Wasilla Warriors

Barry takes second at State
Five minutes and 35 seconds in to the Alaska State Wrestling Championships 152-pound final Saturday, Juneau-Douglas High School senior Matt Barry led Dimond's Zach Shelley 5-3. He appeared to be en route to a state title.

Alyeska looks for missing pig piece
Operators of the trans-Alaska pipeline hope a scraping device will push out a 20-inch diameter piece of metal that's been missing in the pipeline since December.

This Day in History
This day in history in Alaska, the Nation, and the World.

Court orders jail time for polluter
A man convicted of paying to improperly dispose of waste oil and chemicals will spend time in jail.

This Day in History
In Alaska, the nation and the world

'Guide' sentenced for duping sportsmen
A Nikiski man who misrepresented himself as an accomplished hunting and fishing guide and defrauded sportsmen was sentenced to two years in prison.

Alaska Digest
High mercury levels found in Alaska fish, Man charged with sexual abuse of minor & Police: Stolen objects posted on MySpace

In apprenticeship fair, students try a variety of vocational skills
Diesel repair, fiber-optic cable installment and wall finishing - not your usual course work for a middle school student in Juneau. On Friday, however, the youths learned a little about vocational technology.

Photo: Whirlwind of activity at inaugural ball
Gov. Sarah Palin thanks students from Sterling Elementary School for singing the Alaska flag song and a special rendition of "I'm a Believer"...

Alaska Air joins in $5 fare jump
Delta Air Lines Inc. raised domestic air fares by $5 each way late Thursday, and American Airlines, the nation's largest carrier, matched the increase on Friday. So did smaller Alaska Air Group and Midwest Airlines, according to Neil Bainton of FareCompare.

Fairbanks professor rewarded for language work
FAIRBANKS - Michael Krauss, professor emeritus at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and the founder of the Alaska Native Language Center, received the Ken Hale Prize for lifetime achievement from the Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of the Americas.

Alaska Digest
The boards that oversee fisheries and wildlife in Alaska have recommended that Gov. Sarah Palin appoint Denby Lloyd as Fish and Game Department commissioner.

Palin may be unable to remove Jim Hayes
FAIRBANKS - Gov. Sarah Palin lacks the authority to remove University of Alaska regent Jim Hayes from office, according to Alaska Attorney General Talis Colberg.

Lawyer: Governor may remove university regent
Gov. Sarah Palin has the legal power to remove a member of the University of Alaska Board of Regents who was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly misusing government grants, according to a lawyer who advises lawmakers.

Ice Classic organizers hope for hot turnout
As manager of the Nenana Ice Classic, Cherrie Forness wants to get Alaskans fired up about one of the state's coolest events.

Pipeline operator fails to find pig piece
An aggressive cleaning device sent through the trans-Alaska oil pipeline failed to find a 20-inch diameter metal ring that went missing in the line in December, a spokesman for the operator said Sunday.

Sound study explores orca behavior
Marine researcher Kelly Newman wanted to learn if transient killer whales were dining on the fur seals that abound in the waters off Alaska's Pribilof Islands.

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