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Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, February 05, 2007

The notion that those born after 1971 of Indian parentage are any less Native because of not being included in Sealaska Corp. is a strike against one's self confidence. Any Native individual who feels less about themselves as a non-shareholder, please remember this:

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If Sealaska members were able to sell their 100 original shares and were no longer a share holder, would that make them any less Indian? Shares or no shares, an Indian is an Indian and will always be an Indian, even if there were no Sealaska.

My hope for newborns is that Sealaska shares bless you through the available gifting process. Rely on the love of relatives to receive shares in a time-honored system of gifting at Sealaska. Proper respect from family to family makes for happy Ravens and Eagles.

Michael Lee Beasley

Sealaska shareholder


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