Photo: Vandor can't be beat

Posted: Friday, February 05, 2010

The snow at Eaglecrest was great for skiing the weekend of Jan. 23-24, and Juneau Ski Club athletes took advantage of the conditions in the Shirt Company Giant Slalom and Don Abel Slalom races. These were the first races of the season held at Eaglecrest and were put on by the Juneau Ski Club.

Brian Vandor took top honors in both races and took overall for the men. In Saturday's Giant Slalom, Vandor's combined time was 1:42.60. Matt Vandor's time was 1:55.62 was good for second in the men's Giant Slalom, followed by Kit Cummins at 2:09.73, Ryan Moritz at 2:14.02 and Shane Kelly at 2:20.80. In Sunday's Slalom, Brian Vandor's combined time was 1:32.09. In second place in the men's Slalom, Matt Vandor's time was 1:47.95, followed by Peter Peel at 1:49.61, Kit Cummins at 1:57.90 and Shane Kelly at 2:06.09.

Florence Nikles took top honors in both races and also took overall for the women. In Saturday's Giant Slalom, Florence's combined time was 1:47.95. In second place in the women's Giant Slalom, Sophia Wahto's time was 1:49.91, followed by Rebekka Ord at 2:04.04, Naomi Moritz at 2:07.43 and Quincy Bates at 2:15.92. In Sunday's Slalom, Florence's combined time was 1:33.41. In second place in the women's Slalom, Naomi Moritz's time was 1:49.89, followed by Rebekka Ord at 1:57.47, Adrienne Audet at 2:19.41, and Gabriella Hebert at 2:34.83.

Alpine racers from the DEVO and Junior racing programs, ranging from 11 to 18 years old, participated in the races. "The course conditions were ideal, the times posted were fast, and overall the kids skied well," coach Peter Ord said. "This was a good start to our season race series at Eaglecrest."

The Juneau Ski Club web blog is Race results, race information, and other Ski Club information is available at that web blog.

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