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Posted: Sunday, February 06, 2000

On the menu

Maybe the guv was worried that not enough people would show up for his Dog-and-Tony show at JDHS. So he refused to comment in detail about the FTC's plan to block the BP-Arco merger Wednesday until his news conference on a school initiative at a Juneau classroom. He compared the delay to eating the wholesome part of the meal before the desert. ``Vegetables first,'' the restaurateur-turned governor told the press.

Small rewards

A local woman doesn't think too much of the state's efforts to track down deadbeat dads and make them pay child support. Delores Wheaton sent us a copy of a Child Support Enforcement Division check - for 29 cents. She says she doesn't plan to cash it.

Sick journalism

A Seattle online columnist and gay-rights activist may face charges after he admitted to chasing Gary Bauer around Iowa - trying to infect him with the flu. Columnist Dan Savage wrote that he posed as a volunteer for the GOP candidate's campaign. Savage wrote than when he had the flu, he licked doorknobs and coffee cups and slobbered on a pen in hopes of slowing Bauer and his conservative agenda. His column title? ``Stalking Gary Bauer.''

Hot item

Eddie Bauer, the company that just shot hot models wearing warm clothes in cold Juneau, has a problem with a product they don't want to get too close to the wood stove. The gray, long-sleeved, fleece sweatshirts (item number 1313 or 1249 on the side-seam label) are being recalled because they can catch fire too easily. About 2,000 were sold, and refunds are available.

Counting hands

The Seattle Aquarium plans to conduct Washington state's first-ever survey of giant Pacific octopuses later this month. Puget Sound is home to the world's largest octopus, O. dofleini, better known as the giant Pacific octopus. The gentle, reclusive creatures weigh up to 60 pounds and may stretch 12 feet from tentacle tip to tentacle tip. So how do you count them? Well, if they all raised their hands, you could just divide by eight.

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