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Posted: Sunday, February 06, 2000



4:30 p.m. Joint House Special Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs and Special Committee on World Trade and State and Federal Relations hear a national missile defense briefing. Room 532.


9 a.m. Joint House and Senate Finance Committees hear presentation by public members of the Commission on Privatization and Delivery of Government Services. Room 532.

1:30 p.m. House Education and Social Services Committee considers SB 198 to increase the base student allocation under the public school funding formula from $3,940 to $3,990.


9 a.m. Senate Finance Committee to consider SJR 29, which would have voters decide whether to change the constitution to shorten legislative sessions from 121 to 75 days. Room 532.


SJR 35 (Green, Ward, Halford, Taylor) and HJR 49 (Ogan, Kohring, Sanders, Coghill) proposes amending the constitution to guarantee the permanent fund dividend and provide for inflation-proofing the fund, requiring a vote of the people if either of those are to be changed.

SB 232 and HB 324 (Knowles) would require written consent before personal information contained in motor vehicle records could be released for commercial or some other purposes.

SB 239 (Elton) and HB 327 (Kerttula) would reinstate a retirement incentive program for state, municipal, school district and university employees.

SB 244 (Knowles) would increase the amount school districts can receive for grants to meet Quality Schools Initiative requirements.


HB 222, which would permit a creditor to collect a debt unrelated to a limited liability partnership only from the actual debtor and not from any other members of the partnership, passed the House. Next goes to Senate committees.

HB 243, which is intended to make it easier for municipalities to take over state-owned harbors and port facilities by giving them a portion of marine fuel taxes, passed the House Transportation Committee. Next goes to House Finance.

HB 272 requiring local governments to assess low-income housing at its rental value instead of its market value in order to receive federal tax credits passed the House Community and Regional Affairs Committee. Next goes to Rules Committee.

HB 258, which increases the amount provided to assisted living homes that care for indigent elders to $75 a day per person, passed the House Health Education and Social Services Committee. Next goes to House Finance Committee.

HJR 7, which makes it tougher for citizens to place initiatives on the ballot, passed the Senate Judiciary Committee. The measure would require a certain number of signatures gathered on initiative petitions to come from at least 30 of the state's 40 election districts. Next goes to Senate Finance Committee.

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