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Posted: Sunday, February 06, 2000

It's obvious with all the avalanches, the Seward Highway should be demolished and replaced with fast ferries.

The columnist Ellen Goodman would be outraged if one panda was killed for convenience reasons. Why can't she find compassion for the over 4,000 pre-born babies who are killed each day for convenience reasons?

My daughter graduates from the high school this year and has not heard one thing from the college in our hometown. but every week we get mail from a college in Hawaii wanting her to come. The college in Juneau should do more to get our graduates.

If you really want to get the message out to helicopter tours, exercise your freedom of Speech. put a message on your roof in nice, tall letters. Express yourself.

Carlos Boozer is a very good friend of mine. I absolutely love reading about his success and miss him a lot. But I agree with the other caller who said there are a lot of other talented people I'd like to read about.

If they think there's a problem cleaning up dog poop on the trail, just wait until we have horses on Montana Creek Trail.

I believe the disabled American veterans out there collecting disability from the government shouldn't be smoking pot and should be drug tested. if they're collecting the free money, they and welfare recipients should be drug tested.

I'll give up my $25,000 for the road too. And if 799 other people do we'll put up a private road and we'll not bother Haines or Skagway, We'll be good neighbors and run it right on up to Klukwan, and solve everybody's problem.

I find it alarming that Gov. Knowles is supporting a merger of two companies on the North Slope; that equates to being a Microsoft of Alaska.

I'm from Hoonah and I support the local players on the Hoonah ANB team that live in Hoonah.

I hope everyone read the letter to the editor on Thursday about the ``Newell Plan.'' I think it sounds pretty darned awesome. Pay us all $25,000 and leave $10 billion in the fund to start over. That sounds pretty darned enticing. How do we get the Legislature moving on that? Move over Mackie; Newell is in.

Desa Jacobbson this goes out to you. I'm hoping to get a response from all the Natives out there. Instead of you going on a fast with subsistence, how about you Natives sending Desa some Native food and let them know how you can survive out on the land without any other help.

All I can think is that Janet Lee Dillman is a very brave person. I pray everything will go well and if it doesn't, oh my goodness.

I'm from Hoonah and I support the local players of our Hoonah ANB team.

In regards to the car crash out by Fred Meyer and a new bridge, what does a crash in the northbound lane near Fred Meyer and holding up traffic and people trying to get home to the valley have to do with people trying to get to North Douglas or Douglas?

The preferred area for the second crossing to north Juneau is through the Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge. The road should be built outside the game area because it is illegal to hunt and impractical to fish from a moving vehicle.

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