Letter:Unfounded gossip

Posted: Tuesday, February 06, 2001

In your "Loose cannon" editorial, you defended Sword of Mouth by telling us that it empowers people who might otherwise be frustrated. You've toned it down, you say. No more vilification or personal attacks, you say. Yet, in the same issue in which your editorial appears is this comment in Hurt of Mouth: "I think Jerry Reinwand needs to find something better to do than worry about Word of Mouth." On the scale of integrity, intelligence, social conscience, culture and articulacy, the anonymous writer of that rude comment fails to register. Mr. Reinwand, by contrast, sits at the top.

If you persist in publishing Absurd of Mouth, how about enhancing the current trash with juicy, unfounded gossip and sensationalism such as that found in National Enquirer (where your journalistic practice might be more appropriate)? The Kronen Zeitung of Austria maintains its impressive circulation by publishing a picture of a topless woman in every issue. Now, there's a possibility for the Empire!

John B. d'Armand, D.M.A.


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