Honeymoon's over

Posted: Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Regarding Rep. Kohring and his abuse of the per diem and his subsequent My Turn column in the Feb. 5 Empire, if he wants to go on his honeymoon that's just fine, but I feel that he should not do it at the expense of the Alaska residents.

The issue is the $1,740 he should pay back to the state of Alaska. How, in good conscience, could he accept this amount and justify it? His honeymoon had no business to do with the state whatsoever and he should not be entitled to the money at all. Did he have the courage to address this issue in his My Turn column? I should say not. I find it appalling and egregious that this is even an issue. It is an obvious abuse of his legislative seat, not to mention the fact that they get $176 a day in per diem when the rest of us state workers receive far less for our per diem, and we know when we are not entitled to it and act responsibly. What amazes me even more is that there was not more of a public outcry on this - or have we just become desensitized to the abuses of their positions?

Chris Olson


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