Anticipate progress

Posted: Thursday, February 06, 2003

Interesting story (Empire, Feb. 5) on the attempts, past and present, to use waste from fish processing for the production of fertilizers and compost. Your reporter and readers might be interested to know, as well, that the Sitka Tribe of Alaska attempted development of a fish waste composting operation a few years ago. I'm not sure about the status of their operation, but the tribe probably ran into the same barriers described in your story: high costs of developing a market and of running an ongoing, profitable enterprise absent such a market.

From everything I've heard and read about our new governor, this is exactly the kind of project he will direct DCED, DNR and other departments to support; I mean since it is a cooperative state-private scoping project started during the Knowles administration, would increase employment through development of an existing natural resource, create new markets for value-added products, and enrich more than harm the environment. So, I anticipate significant progress in the years to come as the Murkowski administration helps take on this important work.

Ted Wright


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