Choosing for three

Posted: Thursday, February 06, 2003

Andrea Danner of Juneau (Empire, Jan. 31) wrote to me ("anti-abortion protesters out there..."), asking three questions:

1. "Have you ever been raped?" Answer: No.

2. "Have you ever been pregnant?" Answer: No.

3. "Are you in a serious relationship that's healthy, both emotionally and physical levels for over a year?" Answer: Yes, for more than 50 years.

I am not sure how Ms. Danner's questions one and two relate to question three, but I am sure she can connect them.

I am pro-life. I believe life begins with conception. I believe abortion is wrong. I also am pro-choice. I believe every woman has the right of making the decision as it pertains to having a baby, but that choice begins with the moment she says "Yes," to a sexual relationship, not afterward when she is pregnant.

The advice I have given to single women for years is, "Take an aspirin." Yes, that's right. "Take an aspirin, put it between your knees, cross your legs to hold the aspirin in place." That's pro-choice.

As a pro-life individual, I believe that once a pregnancy has occurred, then the woman must make choices for at least three people: the baby, the man and herself. That's an awesome responsibility and calls for counseling and help.

If the baby is not wanted, then go for adoption. There are thousands of couples who would like to adopt. Adoption is a better alternative than abortion: life vs. death. Most all of pro-life people I know gladly would offer help and counseling in situations like this.

If you are pregnant, single, struggling with this issue, and would like help, e-mail me at Remember: you are loved.

Jimmie Woods


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