No Child Left Behind

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 06, 2004

It is important that the public become aware of the smoke and mirrors behind No Child Left Behind. As an educator I want to be clear that it is not the intent of the law that I and others object to, but the unacceptable methods which were set into place. One example is the way Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) is calculated. Some children's scores are counted multiple times. In other words, children who meet multiple criteria - such as free and reduced lunch, special education and a minority subgroup - are factored into each group's statistics. So as the numbers are rearranged in several different ways it seems as though the chance a school will not meet AYP is highly likely. There are 31 separate ways a school can fail AYP. Is this really a clear picture of how the whole school is doing? No - actually there are many success stories and wonderful things going on. We were working hard for all children prior to NCLB and AYP, and we will continue after it goes away. That is our job

It is time for educators to start educating the public about the horrors of NCLB! I challenge others to write about the aspect of the law they find most frustrating. The time has come; we can not stand by and watch the federal take over of schools lightly.

For more information on the truth behind NCLB contact Susan Ohanian at

Linda Frame

Harborview Elementary

Reading specialist

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