Keep POMV simple and it will work

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, February 06, 2004

I am a long-time advocate for 5 percent POMV payout because it inflation-proofs the entire Alaska Permanent Fund and because it makes the fund's payout policy compatible with its evolved investment strategy that includes real estate and equities, rather than only the income producing investments originally allowed.

Implementing POMV must be kept simple and comparable to the existing dividend program to gain voter acceptance as required for a constitutional amendment. Dedicating 80 percent of the annual payout to dividends in the Constitution will assure that their dividend program will continue in a manner comparable to the current earnings-based formula. Government will gain access to 20 percent of the annual payout and be assured of a predictable, sustainable revenue stream. Best of all we will, after years of chatter, take a critical first step toward solving our fiscal dilemma.

Mary Griswold


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