Planned Parenthood not selfless

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, February 06, 2006

We women are such caring, nurturing and generally trusting souls. We want to believe that others care about us. We prefer to shop where the workers greet us with a smile and where we can buy for less. Such is the deliberate "we are here to help you" image of the Planned Parenthood organization. However, they are just another business after all.

Like all other businesses, they offer free or discounted products and services as a way to attract new customers. The designers of the company's image know that every woman and girl who comes in for birth control pills or STD test is a potential candidate for their big-ticket item, an abortion.

The doctors doing abortions are not volunteers giving free time to help the poor. They are in it for the money. The more abortions they do the richer they get.

Such greed has led many abortion clinics to break the law by not reporting child sexual abuse to the authorities. If a girl under the age of 16 comes in for an abortion, chances of her being made pregnant by someone 18 or over are very high. This is at least statutory rape or outright child rape. In spite of the numbers of children 15 and under who have had abortions, there have been very few if any reports filed by the clinics. At least two states have started investigations of all the abortion clinics in their states because of this.

Not reporting a case to the authorities means that the man who has committed a crime against that child goes unpunished and feels free to continue such horrible and damaging abuse of more children.

Another factor that may be the result of greed or carelessness is the tremendous number of deaths, injuries and sterilizations that have resulted from abortion mistakes. There are hundreds of documented deaths directly attributed to a perforated uterus and bleeding to death after abortion mistakes. Other causes of death have also been directly attributed to an abortion. There are vast numbers of women who had to have a hysterectomy or became unable to get pregnant after having an abortion. It appears that the mother is just as disposable as the baby she carries.

Planned Parenthood is just another business and they are after your money.

Vera Ballew


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