High fares definitely a factor in low air traffic

Letter to the editor

Posted: Tuesday, February 06, 2007

In the article about Alaska Airlines' disappointing quarterly financial results (Jan. 26 Juneau Empire), an airline representative wondered if higher fares might be a factor in lowering traffic.

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Of course they are. This week, I looked at fares for February and March to Anchorage, Seattle and Boston. All of the trips were discretionary, and I decided to take none of them. All of the fares were drastically higher than in 2006, and one of them actually double. Alaska Airlines' weekly newsletter states almost every week that there aren't any "webfares" from Juneau. If they are offered, they are much higher than in the recent past.

As a lifetime "Gold" frequent flyer with Alaska, I am very familiar with the airline's fare history. We are in a period of extreme fare increases, and no place is getting gouged more than Juneau. We're again a victim of no competition.

Bart Rozell


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