Posted: Friday, February 06, 2009

Age: 16.

Courtesy Of Shona Strauser
Courtesy Of Shona Strauser

Grade: Sophomore.

School: Thunder Mountain High School.

Reason: "I love acting, because I'm able to express feelings and emotions through the scene I am doing."

Experience: Since fourth grade. He had his first taste of performance with a Tlingit dance group. He also played God in Perseverance Theatre's production of "Children of Eden" and a bear in a compilation of Native American stories.

All in the family: Tyee's sister, Sky, is a very talented actor. She's been in many productions, as a former student at Juneau-Douglas High School and at Perseverance Theatre. Tyee shares her same talent.

Favorite artists: "Bob Marley, Wayne Price."

Future plans: After graduating high school, Tyee wants to take a year off to travel around Southeast Alaska and live off the land. After that, he hopes to attend Berkely and study economics, political science and music.

Activites: Tyee hopes to win state in the upcoming Poetry Outloud competition. He also likes to workout and hike.

Last book he read: "1984," by George Orwell.

What is he listening to right now: "Bob Marley, Immortal Technique."

His acting teacher, Shona Strauser, says: "Tyee consistently shines onstage. He sets the bar for other students in performance. His voice and physical presence onstage are bold. His talent commands attention. He doesn't shy away from expressing himself through characters. He takes risks and isn't afraid of failure or success. Tyee enjoys performance, and that's where he really shines.

"The acting class at Thunder Mountain recently had a student showcase. All of the students performed scenes and monologues from plays. Tyee performed a scene with another very talented acting student, Chelsea Brown. The two of them knocked the audiences' socks off!"

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