Thanks for contributing to the Light Up A Life trees this year

Posted: Friday, February 06, 2009

Hospice and Home Care of Juneau would like to thank the community for its support of our programs through our "Light Up A Life" trees at the Nugget Mall this year. We appreciate your purchase of our stars and candles to honor loved ones who have passed and those who light up your lives in special ways.

A big thank you to Bea Findlay and Nugget Mall for her support in hosting our trees and table and Ron Flint and staff of Nugget Alaskan Outfitters for storage of our supplies and suitcase. Our volunteers who stuffed the "Light Up A Life" giving card - Kevin Ritchie, Sharon Barton, and Shirley Bandirola - should be commended as well as volunteers who donated many hours at our table in the Nugget Mall.

Most of all, a thank you to the benefactors, underwriters, and patrons who so generously donated: Anchor Electric and Bill and Toni Shattenburg, Dr. Allan G. Schlicht, Dr. Anne and Douglas Standerwick, Dean and Tammy Antoniadis, Cate Burnstead, Robert Garrison, Chatham Electric and Ralph and Julia Kibby, Juneau Electric and Carla Meek, Vivien Antrim, Dowl HKM, Thomas and Suzanne Gemmell, Win and Margaret Germain, Nancy Jones, Kris Loveid and Tim Sewill, Gertrude Madsen, Dean Tirador, Robert and Anna Warfield, Dr. Nell Ann Wagoner, Laura Ackerman, Ellen Betit, Neil Brogan, Shirley Carlson, Diane Casto, Rosalind Commodore, David and Maureen Crosby, Craig and Leslie Dahl, George and Georgene Davidson, Mark Erickson, Sharon Fisher, Nancy and Robert Fletcher, Scott Foster, Chuck Freymueller, John and Debra Gerrish, Sharon and Ken Gill, Gorman Engineers and Pat Gorman, Inga Gregovich, Dave Haas, Mark Heard, Jeannie and Pat Henry, Helen Idzik, Mary Jackson, Bob Janes, Jean Jasmine, Loren and LaRae Jones, Juneau Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Effie Kimball, Helen Laurent, Jan Levy, Bernadette Lorensen, Inge Lorensen, MRV Architects, Linda Macaulay, Mary McDowell, Nancy McMullen, Betty and Bob McVey, Nugget Alaskan Outfitters, Bill and Jean Overstreet, Duane Packer, Ginny Palmer, Marie Palmer, Jo Pegues, Kelly and Vicki Peres, Katie Quinn, Robert and Karen Rehfeld, Don Reid, Barbara Ritchie, Charles Robinson, Taku Lodge and Michelle Ward, Joe and Judy Thomas, T. Thurbon, Ward Air Inc., Douglas and Carol Whelan, Lori and Tony Yorba.

Your much-appreciated support will continue to provide for Hospice and Home Care of Juneau's professional and compassionate services and programs in the months ahead.

Rosemary Hagevig and

Tammy Antoniadis


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