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Posted: Monday, February 07, 2000

I have to agree with the driver who could comprehend what the lanes are for on Egan. There used to be signs that said ``Slower traffic stay to the right.'' Perhaps they should dig those signs out to remind everyone how to drive.

Hurrah for America's Cup coverage.

Is spreading out the noise a solution to the problem? I encourage everyone concerned about the city's proposed solution to helicopter noise to attend the policy and planning meeting at noon on Feb. 14 at the assembly chambers.

The school district's Indian Study Program may be politically correct but it violates the equal protection clause of the U.S. Constitution. No other ethnic minority group in Juneau has its culture and language studies funded by the state.

About the use of the left-hand lane for left turns, I'm not sure the person's comment is too applicable, when someone pulls into the left lane at the McNugget intersection in order to make their left-hand turn at Mapco or Salmon Creek.

When Alaska became a state, the University of Alaska was given huge amounts of land. The university was supposed to use this land to fund itself and was not supposed to ask the Legislature for additional money. The university is top heavy with highly paid administrators and should not get any more money.

The ice climbers that had to be rescued, I noticed they were in an avalanche chute and risked the lives of their rescuers. Those are the types of climbers that give climbing a bad name.

I'd like to give credit to the girls' drill team who went to Florida and out of 135 teams from around the country placed fourth in one category and fifth in another. They certainly should be congratulated and there has been very little publicity about this. I'd like to credit them and their coach for their good work.

After this recent airline crash with Alaska Airlines it made me think and remember when I was returning from a flight from Seattle in August and the steward said ``It's usually not this bumpy but our stabilizer is broken.'' I thought it was ironic and thought maybe it's a major problem.

As for the exit for the new police station on Egan Drive, I don't feel they need an exit. Now if there were ambulances coming out of there, I'd appreciate an exit for that area. But for police, there is nowhere you can't get to in Juneau in 10 minutes. An exit would be just an added expense.

Can anyone from the FAA or airline industry answer whether a jet can land on the water in an emergency landing if it was necessary?

To all the callers there who are concerned about the abundance of school administrators, we wouldn't need so many if the administrators had the qualifications to do their jobs. Some don't have the appropriate credentials to do their jobs.

In response to the city and DOT's decision to put in another intersection on Egan Drive for the Juneau Police department, I fully agree with this decision. I'm not a person to completely disagree any time a little extra money is used to the benefit of the police department. They have my respect. If someone is breaking into my home and I live downtown, I don't want to have to wait the extra minutes it takes to drive along Glacier Highway to the Vanderbilt intersection.

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