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Posted: Wednesday, February 07, 2001

... for Live Day

Thanks to the community of Juneau for supporting KTOO-FM for the past 27 years. We celebrated our birthday the usual way - with lots of live radio on Live Day! Thanks to all who participated, especially: Kathy Ruddy, Bob Rose, Rachel Baker, Ricky Deising, Mike Sakarias, Helen Sarabia, Cecilia Kunz, Walter Soboleff, Irene Lempe, Margaret Osborne, Tlingit Gospel Singers, Mitch Franseth, Perseverance Theatre, Darius Manino, the cast of "Gypsy," Bev Haywood, Rainee Godwin, Jim Griswold, Carly Davis, Terri Gallant, Ron Reed, Manya Pungowiyi, Carol Feller Brady, R.L. Workman, Bill Merk, Mie Chinzi, Mike Christianson, Compass Rose (Dave Stancliff, Bryce Edgemon and Becky Miller), Buddy Tabor, John Hartle, Albert McDonnell, Anne Fuller, Becky Bear, John Palmes, Ken Burch, Jan Ni Donovan, Panhandle Crabgrass Revival Band, Jill Ramiel and Ken Alper, and the Back Room at the Silverbow Inn for hosting the afternoon.

And thanks to all the listeners who gave us a reason to make great radio.

Jeff Brown

Live Day Guy

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