Word of Mouth nearly as funny as Dilbert


Posted: Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Not that we need any more opinions on Word of Mouth, but as long as everyone else is doing it, I might as well weigh in with perhaps a slightly different view. I LOVE Word of Mouth. Sure, I have to admit that it is divisive, cowardly, stupid and, more often than not, incredibly mean-spirited. But what its detractors fail to point out is that it is sometimes the funniest thing in the newspaper. It is always funnier than such comics as Arlo & Janis and The Grizzwells, and sometimes nearly as funny as Dilbert.

Who can forget the classic from the person who, commenting on Mel Torm's syndicated obituary, objected in the most strenuous terms to the writer's having called the late singer "the Golden Fog," insisting that his nickname was actually "the Golden Frog?" Or a fairly recent rib-tickler from the party who took Riley Woodford to task for always giving thumbs ups to entertainment he mentioned in his Weekend Best Bets column? (Um... BEST BETS? Hello?) So keep that phone ringing, folks! But maybe we could think of a better name for the feature. Foot in Mouth? Hoof and Mouth? Or maybe, given its anonymous nature, we should call it Word of Mouse?

Dave Hunsaker


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