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Posted: Wednesday, February 07, 2001

I'm concerned to hear that we don't have enough textbooks for our students. Probably most of the children and adults are coping, but it seems to me that adequate materials are basic to good education. Here are some ways many of us might help.

School board: Investigate the dearth of textbooks; let's quantify the problem for further action.

Legislators: Fund schools; appropriate more money for our public schools in 2001 than you did last year.

Teachers: Make some of the textbooks library books (after all, the borrowing and returning are well organized in school and public libraries).

Require students to take necessary notes: If they can't take a book home, they need to create their own text to study from.

Students: Respect the books you do have. Don't hoard textbooks, don't steal texts and don't dump any in the trash cans.

Parents: Work out sharing arrangements (with neighbors, co-workers, friends), so three students can share a text over the weekend.

Anne Fuller


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