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Posted: Thursday, February 07, 2002

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First off, wolves. To the ignorant people who say the wolves need to be killed because of deer, take a look at the situation. You've got 32,000 people in this town, you've got several thousand hunters and Douglas Island has supported a sustained harvest of several hundred deer a year. Seven wolves are not going to make near as much of the impact as humans are. And wolves eat just as many voles and marmots and ptarmigan and everything else as they do with deer - so how about trying reading a science book and actually figuring out what's there rather than dealing with your antiquated fears and prejudices.

No. 2: Bears. It isn't about making a bear preserve, it's about having people be responsible for their garbage. Plain and simple. Human beings consume, human beings make waste, human beings are irresponsible for their garbage, the bears come down, and that's the problem. People need to wise up, people need to take care of their garbage and in a few years we get rid of the bear problem, but it certainly isn't going to be by making a bear preserve. A really dumb idea.

Mark Farmer

I want to send an "attaboy" to Don Smith for the "timberdoodles" editorial in the Empire Feb. 3. The facts are there and clear for anyone who wants to understand them. Especially the next-to-last paragraph should be put in the paper daily or somewhere where it will be noted about how the environmental movement has become something that is driven by money and public relations and the movement has lost its touch with its soul. Thanks for having the courage to say what had to be said.

Joe Riederer

I agree with Mr. Bill Dunn. How is it that North Korea, Iran and Iraq are considered threats when they are practicing what we call a right to bear arms? Furthermore, how is it that the United States, being the country with the largest nuclear arsenal, is not a threat to itself? Mr. Bush never mentioned anything about the poor security at our own nuclear facilities as well as some of the sick minds working at those facilities willing to sell information as well as products. And regarding the subject of harboring terrorists, what about Germany, France, Italy, India and Pakistan, to name a few? Should I add that all of these countries have nuclear capabilities as well as sick minds who would be willing to negotiate with terrorists? What's amazing is sometimes some of the most intelligent and sophisticated people in charge of this country make the most uncalculated statements.

Mo Soltani

Trapping on Douglas Island should be outlawed by the Fish and Game. Douglas Island is Juneau's playground. I have watched the Douglas wolves frolicking in the sunshine. Now they have met torturous deaths. What creature will next be mangled by a trap? Will it be a curious dog or a back country hiker like me?

Sylvia Gard

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