Alien workers are not above law

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, February 07, 2005

I read the article on the Internet, "With all options exhausted, Guillen to be deported today" (Empire, Feb. 1). The man in the article has broken U.S. law four times. He has illegally crossed into the U.S.

Where is he going? To his homeland, where he is a citizen. The article acts as if he is going to a prison camp.

This man can take his family with him back to his homeland.

Illegal aliens, before they enter the United States, should consider all the consequences, then not whine when and if they get caught. They are lawbreakers. Why do illegal aliens from Mexico think that just because they work in the United States they are above the law?

I only wish more illegal aliens were returned to their homelands.

This man should take his family with him and return to the land where he is a legal citizen. I say thank you to those who are deporting him.

Robin Hvidston

Upland, Calif.

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