A nearby sea of tranquility

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, February 07, 2005

There is a place near here that I could label with many superlatives. Unlike the moon's dry Sea of Tranquility, lifeless and silent overhead, it is very wet and noisy with nature. It is not yet altered much by man.

Tlingits, in their oral tradition, probably called it "the place where four rivers meet with many gifts of food." They spent countless days there gathering that food for thousands of years.

So, we have the Pacific Ocean tides mixing with the rivers Antler, Lace, Gilkey, and surprise, the Berners River. Four rivers plus many other smaller water sources combine and concentrate their nutrients in Berners Bay estuary. This creates a five-star café of life. All that good stuff makes those salmon good to eat.

Whether critters thrive or not depends on what all that water is collecting upstream and dropping downstream.

Don't be brash with Berners Bay. There is no such thing as development without consequences. A road through, and also daily activity for the mine would be negative for that world-class natural habitat.

While the Sea of Tranquility passes silently overhead, we don't want the bay of four rivers to pass silently below.

A. J. Crondahl


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