ATV users should be allowed to ride

Letter to the editor

Posted: Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I would like to take the time to respond to Ron Berg's letter in the Jan. 30 Juneau Empire. Berg is entitled to his opinions and his choice of recreation, but just because he does not agree with my choice of recreation should not mean that I'm not allowed to ride all-terrain vehicles.

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I hate to burst Berg's bubble, but several hundred people showed up in support of the right to ride ATVs at the Jan. 27 meeting at Centennial Hall. We are residents and taxpayers who have as much of a right to have access to public lands as Berg does.

What the ATV community wants is to have some designated areas where we can ride with our friends and families and not be in conflict with other users of public lands. There are thousands of acres of land in Juneau, some of which are owned by us taxpayers.

Just what gives Berg the right to say his choice of recreation is any better or more important than that of mine or my friends?

If you believe responsible riding can be and should be done in Juneau, please support the Rough Riders AK ATV club and make your voice heard to help secure our right to recreate.

Jesse A. Hay


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