Outside editorial: On your mark, Rudy, set, go

Posted: Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This editorial appeared in the New York Daily News:

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Rudy Giuliani is not yet in it to win it, but he's getting there. And that's good.

With the presidential race extended beyond reason, it's imperative for comers to state intentions early. Giuliani inched that way with federal paperwork, saying, "We just took another step toward running for President."

No one is asking Giuliani to take on a suicide mission, but it would be bracing to have him seek the Republican nomination as a candidate who happens to be pro-choice and anti-gun. Right now, he's riding high in the polls, suggesting either the GOP doesn't know much about him or that Republicans are looking past the social issues for someone likely to bring pragmatic competence to the White House.

The latter explanation seems more likely because, by now, all of Giuliani's supposed weaknesses are known across the United States, and the GOP has awakened to the folly of backing an ideologically pure, ineffective leader.

Run, Rudy, run.

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