Taplin out of prison on $50,000 bail

Posted: Tuesday, February 08, 2000

Accused hit-and-run driver Joel Taplin, 27, has been released on bail.

After posting $50,000 in cash at the Lemon Creek Correctional Center late Friday, Taplin was released into the hands of his court-appointed third-party custodian, Janet Lee Dillman.

Dillman, a freelance writer and photographer who lives in the Mendenhall Valley, was approved as sole custodian by Judge Patricia A. Collins on the afternoon of Thursday, Feb. 4. In five previous bail hearings since last summer, Judge Collins declined to release Taplin, 27, to third-party custodians on the East Coast. However, she considered Dillman, wife of a local helicopter pilot, a suitable custodian.

The conditions of Taplin's bail are as follows:

Taplin must be in Dillman's sight and sound 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except when she releases him to defense counsel for private legal consultations at their office.

Taplin is to consume no alcohol.

Taplin is not to go into bars or liquor stores.

Taplin is not to be within 500 feet of the airport, the ferry terminal or any boat harbor or heliport.

He is not to be on the grounds of any parking lots or areas adjoining these locations.

He is not to leave the city and borough of Juneau without prior permission of the court.

He must subject himself to random breath or urine tests whenever and wherever demanded by authorities.

Taplin's first manslaughter trial ended on Jan. 28 in Ketchikan with a hung jury. His second trial on the charge of recklessly causing the death of Auke Bay biologist Harry Richard Carlson in July 1999 is scheduled for May.

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