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Posted: Tuesday, February 08, 2000

The assembly should support the new ferries proposed by Gov. Knowles and it's something the whole community can get behind. Let's all work together.

If Juneau is looking to cut spending on the school district, why not cut school board members? In 12 years of schooling in Juneau schools, I have not encountered one school board member or had a clear idea of what they are doing. That shows the board's complete separation from students.

Disabled American veterans do not receive free money. This money was earned by them.

Thanks to Miller House for their staff's caring ear and suggestions on how I can help my son get motivated and return to school. The suggestions helped and he is going to school now. Thank God there is a Miller House program in Juneau.

The Alaska Airlines tragedy could have been prevented. A jet is like a car: After putting in many, many miles, systems have to be replaced. Sure it will take time and money but lives are more precious than materials.

I'm a Goldbelt shareholder and I'd like to commend the directors for moving swiftly by choosing Gary Droubay as CEO and president. The article on Feb. 4 overlooked a critical piece of information: Mr. Droubay is a Vietnam veteran and earned silver and bronze metals. This distinction binds him to us Natives in a very proud way. I'm proud he'll be setting the course for Goldbelt.

It is election year for the Tlingit and Haida delegates. It is long overdue that the Tlingit and Haida community evaluate each and every delegate. Did they do what they promised? Did they abuse their powers? What have they done for the betterment of our people? It is important for all delegates of Central Council to remember they're there to serve their constituents and not the other way around.

I hope the people who live on Gastineau Avenue, next time they hear a suspicious noise, call the police or proper authority before waiting until morning. Next time it could be their home that is burglarized or gets burned down.

I used to ride my three-wheeler back in Dredge Lake for the past 20 years. Now it's illegal, for some reason. Now I walk up Montana Creek and shoot my .22. Now this may become illegal. I just hope those horses aren't gunshy.

In lieu of BP's track record for dumping waste and toxic materials in Alaska, I think Gov. Knowles should extend his arms fully and invite Exxon into the deal.

All the cars in the Kmart parking lot are looking like a trash pile there. They need to be moved.

To whoever said Alaskans are selfish to think they should get more than $25,000 because if they were born and raised here, I bet that caller wasn't born here.

I want to thank Kmart for letting me park my car there. I'm a Vietnam veteran and had a heart attack and am waiting for Alaska Housing and there aren't a lot of places to park in this town. So thanks for letting me park there. For those who leave their wrecked cars there, it's causing problems for those good people who are parking there.

I say if the school system can't handle all the overhead they have, they can't afford a brand new high school.

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