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Posted: Thursday, February 08, 2001

If only a single deficiency existed in the Juneau Empire's realm of journalism, it quite likely would be its complacent willingness to follow the selfish discourse of tie-dye salesman-type experts who attempt to regulate the often misinterpreted franchise of public opinion.

I found the irony almost laughable as I read Jerry Reinwand's commentary in the My Turn column, Feb. 2, where he feverishly attempted to tamper with public opinion by connecting dots between what he feels is poor journalism and the Word of Mouth column. Here we have a guy who can enter and exit the editorial page whenever and as frequently as he pleases, leaving a lot of dry rhetoric that only a certain selection of the aloof elite would find palatable. Yet he finds himself troubled by anonymous opinion, "half-baked," as he calls it.

The people who enter the Word of Mouth column are strangers to the assumed elitism enjoyed by Mr. Reinwand and therefore cannot possibly join the cadre of whom the My Turn column is obviously reserved for. Generally we could care less about it. Furthermore, most of us are not on the same block with anyone who would attempt to use the opinion page to silence further opinion or comment. Such an attitude is indicative of a much larger problem.

Question: What can possibly be wrong with the Word of Mouth column?

Answer: Freedom.

Larry R. Leap


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