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Posted: Thursday, February 08, 2001

I believe I have a lot to point out. Lately, the topics for Word of Mouth, for the past week, seem to reflect the "main topic" to publish. Friday's paper, Eaglecrest; Sunday's paper, Jerry Reinwand and George W. Bush; Monday's paper, more Eaglecrest debates and Word of Mouth debates!

I've phoned upon occasion to WOM and not any one of those times I'd phoned was my minute accounted for. Messages printed by WOM seem to "necessarily" reflect the interest of the person who chooses them to their like. WOM needs to retire. The statements I've read mostly show that there are people out there who are passive-aggressive types and flunk at taking part actively-publicly in solutions or knowing what instances to accept and let go of.

There is lack of communication in an assertive manner. Most publishings of WOM are genuinely open for numerous, endless, back and forth syndrome.

Ultimately, what in the world is "thanking" people doing in the Word of Mouth section? Why not be a great example to the children of the public and say it right then? It doesn't take a lot of time or effort. Did some of you forget your manners?

Andrea Danner


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