Let Ashe's passing be a call for kindness

Posted: Sunday, February 08, 2009

I learned with great sadness of the death of Don Ashe. I played softball against Donnie two decades ago and since that time have run into him two or three times a year. Each of these brief encounters left me better off. He'd greet me in his gravelly, friendly voice, "Hey, Timmy, how are you doing? Are you and the family well?" and we'd chat for a few minutes before moving on.

I never left Donnie without a smile on my face. Sincerity, humor and simple goodness emanated from the man and never ceased to lift my spirits. Everyone I know who knew Donnie - good friends, work colleagues or casual acquaintances like myself - felt profoundly touched by him. Can there be a greater legacy than that?

To Donnie's beloved family, my deepest condolences for your great loss. To the Juneau community, a call for all of us to be a little kinder, a little more thoughtful to each other - we have big shoes to fill.

Thank you, Donnie. Well done.

Tim Spengler


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