The right to choose


Posted: Friday, February 09, 2001

I see the newly elected member of the Downtown Socialist Party got government to dictate to merchants and consumers what they should buy and sell. When we opened Foodland we opted not to carry farmed fish and I still opt not to buy it, but I never ever thought I or anyone else should dictate to other merchants or consumers what they should carry or buy.

Any assembly member who believes there is enough local product at this time of the year to satisfy demand needs to get a grip on reality. They also need to realize that there are periods where seasons are closed or weather is bad and you can't get a wild fish to sell. If a merchant has a customer who wants a product it is up to them to satisfy that customer or they will go elsewhere. It is not government's place in a free society to chastise legal businesses for providing legal products to consumers.

Thank you to the two members who voted no on the resolution and, although I expect such resolutions from the members of the Downtown Socialist Party, I am disappointed with the rest of you who voted for it. If you want to support local fishermen and their products, fine. But where do you get off getting involved in a merchant's or consumer's right to choose?

Tim Whiting


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