Thank you, governor

Posted: Sunday, February 09, 2003

Gov. Murkowski's choice of moving the Habitat Division to the Department of Natural Resources is a bold move and I applaud him on it. Time will tell whether this is a progressive move or one that may require some additional changes. In the meantime, I am pleased our new governor is not timid about trying a new approach. While habitat is critical to our family's commercial fishing business, I also can appreciate the issues identified by Gov. Murkowski that brought this change about and I can only hope he will continue to offer new approaches to old problems, some of which are long overdue.

While the Department of Fish and Game has many talented and hard-working staff, it has long been apparent development and private industry have been shut down or under-utilized in this state, including the commercial fisheries. Industry participation has been discarded and/or discounted by some fishery managers within this department to the detriment of all Alaskans. It is my sincere hope Gov. Murkowski will open the doors to the private sector and new or old industry so my daughter and her counterparts will have a host of new job opportunities or the ability to take over the family business. This state needs industry such as fishing, mining, timber, oil, and the various support businesses - they can pay the bills and provide jobs to the state residents. Thank you, Gov. Murkowski, and keep up the good work!

Linnea L. Osborne


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