Extreme negative view

Posted: Sunday, February 09, 2003

We disagree with the past five ADF&G commissioners who oppose taking permitting power from the Alaska Department of Fish & Game's Habitat Division. They speak of "... the kind of careless development that will occur without ADF&G authority for in-stream permitting" and they warn, "... some would prefer not to worry about impacts of development on salmon, trout and other fish."

This extreme negative view of our resource industries is undeserved. This rhetoric from the past commissioners is indicative of the anti-development mentality of some in the ADF&G. Most resource development businesses are responsible operators.

I support the governor's reorganization plan. The issue is cutting the cost of government and making the permitting process more efficient and reasonable. It is not about avoiding our environmental responsibilities.

Owen J. Graham

Executive director

Alaska Forest Association, Inc.


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