Yukon seeing increased film exposure

Posted: Sunday, February 09, 2003

More so than ever, production companies are heading to the Great White North in search of the "reel" Yukon.

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A favorable Canadian exchange rate, a growing good reputation within the industry and, of course, stunningly beautiful scenery are leading to busy times for the Yukon Film Commission and those Yukoners who cater to the small-but-thriving film industry.

"2002 was a phenomenal year for us," said Iris Merritt, production/location coordinator for the Yukon Film Commission, which works to draw and facilitate film projects in the territory.

In addition to the recent Twinkies commercial, among the projects recently shot in the Yukon is a Chevy Tahoe commercial getting frequent play on television. It features narration by actor James Garner, who reads a poem with the refrain, "... and nobody knows it but me."

Ads for Land Rover and Kohl's Department Stores also were shot, along with several documentaries. A BBC crew spent 35 days filming a docudrama called "Monsters We Met," Merritt said, and a major Korean production is set to begin filming soon.

Clarence Kelsey of Whitehorse, who served as props master for the Twinkies ad, said what had been a hobby assisting film crews has grown into a full-time job as more and more projects head north.

"It's turning out to be a very profitable business," he said.

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